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Mary Jane Watson
Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker (Spider-Man) has a certain redhead in his life again Mary Jane Watson. Peter is surrounded by beautiful women but there is something special about Mary Jane. Oh yea, that’s right they were married and very much in love once upon a time. The “One More Day” storyline changed all that, Mary Jane sacrificed all that to save Aunt May’s life. Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage was erased from history and every-one’s memories by the demon Mephisto. Still wonder even in Marvel how Mephisto would have powers that great but that is Marvel’s problem not mine. Peter and Mary Jane made a deal with the Devil and Joe Quesada Editor and Chief got his wish a restart of the Spider-Man storyline. Very controversial the “One More Day” storyline was heavily criticized by reviewers and fans alike. I did not pick up the title again till the Dark Avenger’s storyline and Harry Osborn’s involvement in Spider-Man’s life.

From Newsarama Brandon Thomas, in review,  felt that One More Day was “an incredibly well-told story.” He praised the writing, in particularly the morally ambiguous decision Peter has to make and the way he and Mary Jane deal with it together, as well as Quesada’s art, which he felt set the tone of “guilt, regret, and despair.” In regards to the change made in Spider-Man canon, he said, “Peter Parker being married really isn’t a vital component of the mythos” and that it allowed Marvel to make “big, sweeping changes to bring things slightly more into focus and back on message. I have to say that the “message” of a married superhero is a vital component of the Spider-Man mythos. Mary Jane and Peter have been through a lot of good and bad but still you knew that deep inside they were meant for each other. marriage is not a dirty word just like Sue and Richard of the Fantastic Four it is a growing real relationship and Peter can’t hop from one relationship to another he must grow up. In an other review Troy Brownfield felt that the storyline damaged Marvel continuity and Spider-Man’s decision was “selfish and childish,” not to mention “a big middle finger to the idea of marriage in comics.” He speculated preferable endings to the story before concluding, “As it stands, Peter, MJ, May . . . and the readers . . . all got a raw deal.

As comic reader maybe we did get “a raw deal” but I will hold out because the last part of One More Day story left you wondering if Mary Jane still remembers what Peter and her had once and is trying to get it back. Maybe they will become a love story again. Maybe Marvel is listening to comic readers or just trying to sell comics. It is my opinion they belong together. See you at the comic shop. Stay tuned comic faithful for More 🙂 Walt.

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