AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Celebrating Dan Slott’s Historic Run!

Ditko Remastered Variant

In celebration of Dan Slott bringing readers over 180 issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Marvel is proud to present an AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: DAN SLOTT RETROSPECTIVE video, featuring a look back at some of the most memorable covers and stories of Peter Parker!

Take a moment to relive some of the greatest covers and story arcs from Slott’s epic run, and be sure to head to your local comic shop to pick up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800, the world-shaking climax to the record-setting run, on sale today!

Dan Slott with his love of Spider-Man and Peter Parker as one of the most beloved comic book character of all time will go down in history with his long run on Amazing Spider-Man. The video below shows us some of his classic stories about the web-slinger and Marvels most popular superhero.

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