Amazing Spider-Man #2 review

Amazing Spider-Man 2
Amazing Spider-Man 2

This issue picks up right where the last issue left off and deals with Peter Parker’s relationship with Anna Maria Marconi. In fact I have to admit the first few pages of this comic had me legitimately surprised. I wasn’t expecting Peter to problem the way he did. SPOILER
I was rather shocked when Peter not only openly admitted he was Spider-Man, but explained the entire situation regarding the body-swap with Doc. Ock. I’ll have to admit Anna’s open acceptance of the situation stuck me as a bit strange, but I guess this is the kind of thing that you sort of get used to living in the Marvel-verse.

On the topic of Peter and Anna I am really enjoying their interaction so far. They both seem to realize that they are in a difficult and strange situation and are trying to make the best of it. It was also amusing to see Anna come to Peter’s rescue at Parker Industries since seems to be the only one there who knows what the company even does. Though Peter does seem to at least be trying to come up with some kind of plan. Overall the story clips along at a fairly brisk pace and despite having a lot to cover, including a short Avenger’s cameo, nothing feels rushed and it feels like every panel has a reason for being here.

For those looking for a bit more action after last issue’s slow start I’m happy to say this issue has a really fun fight with Electro. As mentioned before I’m not a huge fan of Ramos’s artwork, but due to its over-stylized look, but I do think it is at his best when he is working on action scenes and I think the fight with Electro was really well illustrated. I really got a sense of both character’s power and speed. Plus, it was nice to see Peter Parker fight again because he really does have a very different combat style than Doc Ock. Doc Ock always seemed to have some sort of contingency plan, almost like if Bruce Wayne became Spider-Man, whereas Peter is much more of improvisational fighter.

My biggest complaint with this issue is that it was a fairly quick read. I managed to go through it in about 10 minutes or so and that can make the $3.99 price tag seem a bit of high, but overall this was a good issue and I recommend it. By Eric Brackett

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