Age of Ultron 10 AI Review

Age Of Ultron 10AI
Age Of Ultron 10AI

After only 10 issues and about six or seven tie-ins this event called Age of Ultron sadly has to come to stop. Ending with this big finale called age of Ultron issue 10 AI Marvel introduces a new series called Avengers AI. The story of the Age of Ultron starts with Dr. Hank Pym inventing a self-aware role robot called Ultron. Eventually this robot evolves into a mastermind of warfare and destruction. After Ultron destroyed almost all of earth the superheroes of the Marvel universe decide to put a stop to this once and for all. Losing a few people on the way they eventually stop Ultron with the help of Wolverine by going back in time and telling Hank Pym not to create Ultron without an escape plan.

As a comic book reader is very satisfying. Action-packed, Outstanding art, And most of all the action. I completely disagree with the age restrictions of this comic, 12 and up is not how it should be. It uses a bit of language and some gruesome scenes. It was much better than having them dimmed down the action and not have as much gore, because I felt that we wouldn’t really know what it be like to be in that situation. Not only was it fun to read that the art made you feel like you’re actually there for all the right reasons. They put so much detail into the rubble and the broken down buildings. The scars on all the characters faces told us there wasn’t just hard time for the humans but also a hard time for the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel superheroes. And once again Marvel has accomplished fitting some time fiasco into their comic. No matter what there’s always time traveling involved with this with both DC and Marvel comics. But as a comic book reader this is by far my favorite Marvel event in all of time.

The last issue ever made of this little event was more of an ad for a new series. But it also shows you the actual life of Dr. Hank Pym. If you have not yet read this fantastic event I recommend you go to the near comic book store or go to your digital comic app and download all of it. Thanks for reading. Seth

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  1. Fedor

    Time travel is very complicated take a good writer to be successful in writing it, looks like all it did was mess things up.

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