‘Young Justice’ Season 3 Has Finished Recording According to Khary Payton

Young Justice is inching closer and closer to its return. The C2E2 convention is taking place in Chicago this weekend and one of the guest at the event is Khary Payton, who plays Ezekiel on The Walking Dead. Payton is also an accomplished voice actor who plays Cyborg in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go and Kaldur’ahm, aka Aqualad in Young Justice.

After a long fan campaign, Young Justice was finally renewed for a third season, now known to be titled Young Justice: Outsiders, which will launch as part of DC Entertainment’s upcoming streaming platform. During a panel at C2E2, Payton was asked about the progress of Young Justice: Outsiders and he says his work is done.

“We’ve already recorded all 26 episodes,” Payton revealed. “We’re just waiting for the animation to come back. I’ve already seen some of it. It looks great. I’m so excited.”

Payton went on to say, “It is as twisty, and turny, and full of so many characters, I can’t wait for you guys to see it. You’re going to love it.” Payton also said he expects Young Justice: Outsiders to debut before the end of the year.

Young Justice: Outsiders was announced in 2016. According to Warner Bros. Animation, the new season of Young Justice, “promises new twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team, but most importantly, the opportunity for fans to finally continue the adventures of some of their favorite Super Heroes.”

“The affection that fans have had for Young Justice, and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us,” said Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series, in a statement when the new season was announced. “We are excited to bring the show back for this loyal fanbase and to provide an opportunity for new viewers to discover this excellent series.”

Producers Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman: Doomsday) and Greg Weisman (Star Wars Rebels, Gargoyles) will return to the series.

The returning voice cast includes Khari Payton as Kaldur’ahm (Aqualad), Jesse McCartney as Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Jason Spisak as Wally West (Kid Flash), Nolan North as Superboy, Danica McKellar as M’gann M’orzz/Megan Morse (Miss Martian), and Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis.

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on a new DC Comics digital service in 2018.

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