Wonder Woman Series Being Developed for The CW

September 6, 2012

Wonder Woman is getting another chance at a TV series. It was just last year David E. Kelley made a semi-infamous Wonder Woman pilot for NBC, which was passed on by the network. Now however, Vulture reports that there is a brand new TV take on Princess Diana in the works at The CW.

Wonder Woman

Titled Amazon, this is a complete origin story – what Vulture describes as being about “a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty.” It seems that, like Smallville, Diana may not even be called Wonder Woman at this point or wear the Wonder Woman costume – which would explain not using that name in the title.

Amazon is being written by Allan Heinberg, whose TV credits include Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C., but who is known to comic book fans for creating and writing Young Avengers at Marvel. He also has written for JLA and, yep, Wonder Woman at DC Comics.

Vulture notes there is no pilot ordered yet, just a script. It’s unclear how the development of Amazon affects progress on a potential new Wonder Woman movie, which Variety reported Michael Goldenberg (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) was writing – not to mention the character’s likely presence in the JLA movie. However, the potential TV series focusing on such a young version of Diana may make it possible for it to not be seen as a conflict with a different (and no doubt older) movie interpretation of the character.

While the 2011 NBC pilot starring Friday Night Lights’ Adrianne Palicki was passed on, there’s still plenty of nostalgic love for the 1970s Wonder Woman TV series, which starred Lynda Carter and helped elevate Wonder Woman into a much more well-known and popular character.

by Eric Goldman

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