The Walking Dead: Season 7 Ratings Down

By Alex Osborn The viewership for Season 7 of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead is considerably lower than it has been in recent seasons.

As of this week’s episode, The Walking Dead’s ratings have dropped from 17 million at the Season 7 premiere down to 11 million for Episode 5, making for a 35 percent decline. Check out the graph from Wikipedia below (via EW) for an overview of how the show has performed over the years.


While Season 7’s current viewership numbers are still higher than the vast majority of all other television programs that are currently airing, the ratings for The Walking Dead haven’t been this low since Season 3.

AMC has already green-lit an eighth season for the series, so there’s plenty more of TWD to come. For more on the comic-inspired zombie series, read IGN’s review of this week’s episode, and then check out our list of The Walking Dead’s top 10 episodes.

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