The Snyder-cut is Coming

Most people who have any interest in comic-related movies and productions are aware that the new AT&T owned Warner Bros has asked Zack Snyder to produce his version of the Justice League movie which was released originally in 2017. The film was finished by Josh Wheaton after Zack Snyder left the film because of the death of his daughter. Apparently, the release in 2017 was a very different film from what Snyder intended and there are over three hours of unused and unfinished shots that Snyder can use to make his new Justice League movie on HBO Max in 2021.

Whatever your feelings about the original release of the film it is extremely interesting that the fan-driven effort to #releasethesnydercut was successful and very rare in the entertainment world. Much less the chance for a director to revisit a film that gave him director credit and then change the film to his liking as much as he can with the unused film remaining. Looks like it will be released as a series to maximize the character building and use most of the over four hours of filming.

Snyder has hinted at a Darkseid appearance and possibly a Green Lantern cameo. The two hours of movie we saw at the theater in 2017 will be a very different film from what we see in 2021 according to Zack Snyder. The hype has started with a scene from the unused film with Wonder Woman coming across the image of Darkseid with possibly Greek writing on a wall shown as a trailer preview. You can bet we will be following this story in the future and may know more when the DC FanDome virtual convention on August 22.

Warner Bros. announced that they are hosting a free 24-hour virtual convention called DC FanDome! It takes place on Saturday, August 22, 2020, at 10:00 PDT and features the whole world of DC together in a literally huge virtual dome with something for all ages and fans.

Here is the Preview Trailer:

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