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The Flash CW
The Flash CW

SPOILERS: After the last episode will the future change or will it be the dismal future shown in the Flash’s visit to the future previously. Will Killer Frost get a warm heart and revert back to Caitlin. Will Cisco loose his hands in a fight with Killer Frost. Will the Flash remain a hero or become a useless broken man after the death of Iris. Will the flash go into the time stream again to fix things.

In my opinion “The Flash” is the best CW superhero program. It is well acted and scripted and the actors have a good chemistry and work together well. The writers do a good job mixing things up and keeping you guessing what will happen next. The program is more than I hoped for when they said The Flash was coming to TV.

Below is the preview of the last episode of the program and an emotional tribute to Iris and the actress Candice Kristina Patton who played her on the TV. I, for one, will be watching the last Flash TV program for this season and I hope you will join me next Monday at 8:00pm on the CW. 🙂 Walt

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