The Critics are Wrong About Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman
Batman v Superman

Just saw the movie last night after reading some scathing reviews of movie critics who saw the movie previously.

“One of the worst superhero movies ever made.” Mike McGranaghan

“The sandbox they are given to romp around in is stupid, stupid stupid.” Phil Villarreal

“Zack Snyder’s production company is called Cruel and Unusual Films.” Pete Vonder Haar

“A super slog through empty scenes, boring performances, nonexistent storytelling, and constant questions about motivations.” Willie Waffle

“At the end of the UK press screening there were pockets of cheers from the crowd and I literally could not hold in an exclamation of – Are you f*cking serious?” Alex Leadbeater.

With a 30% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes some of the critics did like the movie but I think Alex summed the negative feeling towards the likelyhood that someone would enjoy the movie with – Are you f*cking serious? Well I am serious when I say I really enjoyed the movie. It was a satisfying experience in so many ways. Without giving anything away it established the building blocks for the Justice League and brought together Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Batman played by Ben Affleck established a believable Bruce Wayne and Batman. Affleck really nailed the character and brought us gritty version of Batman and passionate Bruce Wayne. Superman played by Henry Cavill showed us the responsibility that comes with great power and how making the right choice is important for reporter and superhero. Ultimately Clark showed how big his heart really is even though he has a lot to learn about being a Superhero.

Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot was a hit in what little time she spent on screen. She is smart and beautiful and unlike any woman you have ever met. Without giving anything away she smiles after being hit hard by the power of Doomsday in the movie. The lasso, sword and shield are there and she has the talent to use them. Can’t wait for the solo movie with her in 2017.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was crazy and deranged and orchestrated several tragedies for his own purposes in the plot. He was obsessed with power and his great mistrust of Superman and other meta humans he could not control. Lex was invested in Kryptonian technology and it played a major part in the plot.

The supporting cast was outstanding starting with Jeremy Irons as Alfred who played Bruce’s’ super butler and partner in crime fighting. Holly Hunter as Senator Finch and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White gave great performances. Amy Adams as Lois Lane played the love interest of Clark Kent/Superman and continued her well played role as hard nose reporter for the Daily Planet. Diane Lane as Martha Kent and step mother of Clark Kent accepted a key place in the plot late in the movie and performed well.

Finally the story worked to create the need for a greater purpose and need for a group of super beings that will lead to Justice League the movie. With the movie Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman and a solo Batman and Justice League. The Batman v Superman stays true to the schedule of movies and source material of story arcs written in DC stories for the last 75 years. Anyone can see that in this movie if they care to look. Many people who watched the movie and many that were not happy with the movie said that it was entertaining and certainly not “One of the worst superhero movies ever made.”

I wanted to write an honest spoiler free review to encourage you to see the movie and give you a chance to see a movie that is not perfect but good for the DC cinematic universe. Even with the release of the revealing trailers there is plenty of surprises in the movie. Stay tuned for more on movie and comics at Comics Talk. 🙂 Walt

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