Star Trek: Discovery: Succession Mirror Universe

Star Trek: Discovery: Succession just came to a close in its fourth issue, but the final chapter of this IDW Publishing series changes what fans thought they knew about the mirror universe arc from Star Trek: Discovery Season One.

Star Trek: Discovery: Succession takes place in the mirror universe after the USS Discovery returns home. With the destruction of the Terran Empire’s flagship and the apparent death of Emperor Georgiou, the Emperor’s cousin, Alexander, has assumed the throne. However, Alexander did not expect that Georgiou’s adopted daughter, Michael Burnham, was still alive after having been assumed killed along with the would-be usurper Gabriel Lorca.

This is the story of the mirror universe conclusion that is shared in the pages of this comic book series but not on the TV series. Considered canon it is a must read for those who enjoyed the Star Trek: Discovery program on TV (No CBS Streaming Service Required). Star Trek: Discovery: Succession is on sale now or Here online.

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