On The Road to Doomsday Clock with Geoff Johns

Dr Manhattan

Many of the current story arcs in the DC Comic Universe hint at a change in the DCU when Flashpoint with the Flash created The New 52 manifestation of DC. There was interference from someone namely Doctor Manhattan of the Watchman Universe which was created by writer Alan Moore, and artist Dave Gibbons in 1987.

Geoff Johns shares the journey he took to write Doomsday Clock the 12 part series. The DC Universe and the Watchmen Universe will collide in the story. Looks to be a very thought provoking series if you believe Johns in this video presentation by DC Comics.

The countdown has begun. DOOMSDAY CLOCK from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank debuts on November 22 and the questions that were asked in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH will be answered. Or will they? Geoff Johns gives you a glimpse of what you can expect in this exclusive preview.

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