Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe Announcement

Four books. One remarkable universe. In celebration of The Sandman’s 30th Anniversary, Neil Gaiman and Vertigo Comics proudly introduce The Sandman Universe, the next chapter in one of the most influential and beloved works of fantasy ever devised. Four new series set in the world of Gaiman’s comic, written by four masters of imagination.

“I found Vertigo at a time when I was bored with comics, then I read Sandman and my head exploded,” Vertigo executive editor Mark Doyle said in a press release. “Suddenly I saw all these endless storytelling possibilities. I knew I had to get into comics, and I had to get into Vertigo. To return to the imprint and work with Neil Gaiman to expand the Sandman Universe — it’s honestly a dream come true.”

Want to learn more? Don’t miss Jim Lee’s exclusive interview with Neil Gaiman next week on DC All Access!

Magic is alive and well in DC and Vertigo Comics. Kicking off on August 8th.

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