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Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He has been changed by his ordeal and must hide the truth about the man he’s become while making amends for the actions he took as a boy. Arrow lets loose Wednesday, Oct. 9 on The CW. Beefing up the roster of villainous types in Arrow, Michael Rowe has been cast as Deadshot. He’ll be first appearing in the third episode, The Lone Gunman. We have Kelly Hu as China White set in place for the second episode, and this promo for the first episode shows you Deathstroke’s mask so he will be there also. What other DC villains will be there remains to be seen.

“Deadshot doesn’t speak much, so he has to have that physicality,” says executive producer Marc Guggenheim (FlashForward) of the Suicide Squad member who may be best known for battling Batman in the comic-book world. “And Michael certainly has that. He has that look.” As for whether Deadshot is a one-shot gig, Guggenheim’s fellow EPs Greg Berlanti (Political Animals) and Andrew Kreisberg (Warehouse 13) both agree that Stephen Amell’s Emerald Archer will most likely cross paths with newcomer Rowe’s hitman beyond this first meeting. “I think that’s very possible,” hints Berlanti. The producers are clear to tell us that this production is not the Smallville version of Green Arrow looks very serious and a bet more gritty. Maybe the CW has a hit on there hands. We will be checking that out in October. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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    Now this looks like something worth watching. We will see.

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