Matt Reeves: About Ben Affleck’s Role as Batman

Matt Reeves by Gage Skidmore

When Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice first premiered in theaters over two years ago, there were mixed feelings about Ben Affect’s role as Batman. Now we are further confused about his continued involvement as the Caped Crusader.

Even though it seemed lately like Affleck would be stepping down from his role as Batman in the upcoming solo film, writer and director Matt Reeves recently issued an update about the movie. Speaking at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, Reeves, revealed that he’s still speaking with Affleck about the project, though he wouldn’t confirm whether or not he’d be under the cape and cowl.

He gave no clear answer that told us Affleck would depart the project. But he also did not rule out a new actor playing the role either. What he means with this double talk or what his goals are in the “talks with Ben Affect” remain to be seen.

“There are ways in which all of this connects to DC, to the DC universe as well,” Reeves said. “We’re one piece of many pieces so I don’t want to comment on that except to say that I’m focused very specifically on this aspect of the DC world.”

Reeves’ elusive statements and dodging of any clear details, may imply he has ideas for both including Affleck as well as adding someone else to the picture. Possible having an older Bruce Wayne looking back at his earlier years with another actor playing a younger version of him.

“From the beginning, what I had always spoken about with Warner Brothers and what I was excited about was being in the Bat-universe and really doing something within that sphere,” Reeves said. “That was always what it was going to be so in that way it hasn’t changed a lot since I first met with them. It’s very much the same thrust if that makes sense.

“A lot of things have happened since then but the movie, and why I’m excited about it, is it continues to be the same inspirations and excitement of what we talked about in the beginning.”

Director Reeves may be offering a way for Affleck to fulfill his Batman-related obligations to Warner Bros. and still introduce a younger actor to the Dark Knight role. He seems excited to create the Batverse for DC Films that makes sense to the fans and open the door for the trilogy like the Nolan plan from years back. But Reeves’ wording does make it seem like he’s open to the possibility of making major changes — and that those changes might have been in his script from day one.

The Batman is one of the most anticipated movies from DC Films and Warner Bros., because of its potential to reshape the Bat family for their superhero universe. With Reeves’ full draft coming in soon, we may hear more about this major project in the very near future. I sincerely hope so. 🙂 Walt

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