Justice League: The New Frontier — Commemorative Edition

New Frontier
New Frontier

Warner Bros. has announced plans to release Justice League: The New Frontier, the animated adaptation the late Darwin Cooke’s seminal DC Comics classic, as a Commemorative Edition. While a full rundown of the edition’s features has not yet been released, there will be more to come later about other animated releases. The plan is every DC Universe Original Movie To Be Collected In A Massive Box Set.

Justice League: The New Frontier — Commemorative Edition, produced by Michael Goguen and Bruce Timm, and directed by David Bullock from a script by Stan Berkowitz, will include a mini-documentary on Cooke’s career, and different artwork from the late creator as the box art. The re-issue of the second-ever DC Universe Original Movie will be available via Digital Download, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD; a release date has not yet been announced.

The film’s cast includes:

Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) as Superman

Jeremy Sisto (Law & Order) as Batman

Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Wonder Woman

Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) as Barry Allen/The Flash

David Boreanaz (Bones) as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Brooke Shields (Suddenly Susan) as Carol Ferris

Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) as Lois Lane

Phil Morris (Seinfeld) as King Faraday

The late Miguel Ferrer (NCIS: Los Angeles) as Martian Manhunter

Darwyn Cooke’s decades-long association with DC Comics began in 1985, when he was spotlighted in Talent Showcase #19. From there, Cooke’s focus shifted to animation for a number of years, working as a storyboard artist on Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. He returned to comics with a bang fifteen years later with the one-shot Batman: Ego, and in 2001, he and writer Ed Brubaker launched stylish update of Catwoman. Cooke wrote and illustrated the seminal DC: The New Frontier series in 2004, winning an array of awards including multiple Eisners, Harveys and a Schuster. In 2007, Cooke launched DC Comics’ revival of The Spirit, the legendary Will Eisner’s most famous creation. Cooke passed away in 2016 following a battle with cancer.

Published on Mar 16, 2011

DC Comics
DC Comics

Inspired by the best-selling graphic novel by Darwyn Cooke and produced by the multiple Emmy® award winning animation legend, Bruce Timm, The New Frontier is the epic tale of the founding of the Justice League. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all here of course, and so are Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Flash – whose incredible origins will be told for the very first time. Strangers at first, these very different heroes must overcome fear and suspicion to forge an alliance against a monster so formidable, even the mighty Superman can not stop it. If they fail, our entire planet will be “cleansed” of humanity. MPAA Rating: NOTRATED (c) 2008 A Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Justice League and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and (c) DC Comics.


Warner Bros. Entertainment

Partner rating PG-13

Release date 2007

Running time 1:14:51

Language English

Justice League: The New Frontier – A First Look Animated Movie

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