Justice League 12 Superman and Wonder Woman?

Justice League 12

In the pages of this week’s Justice League #12, Wonder Woman and Superman begin a relationship, something that’s been hinted for the last few issues. DC released a new cover by series artist Jim Lee that shows Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, with her golden lasso wrapped around the caped hero. And according to series writer Geoff Johns, it’s no longer flirtation, but a new partnership that he intends to continue in future issues.

This isn’t the first time a relationship between the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess has been explored in comics — having hooked up most notably in the acclaimed Kingdom Come story by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, as well as a brief flirtation in Action Comics #600. Frank Miller also explored the power couple in his The Dark Knight Returns-verse, including the Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.

Action Comics 600

On Twitter, Kurt Busiek said: “I got no problem with a Superman/Wonder Woman romance. I don’t think it works long-term, but it’s an interesting relationship to explore.” Ron Marz added: “There are people actually upset over the Superman-Wonder Woman thing? Because things that happen in comics are so permanent?”

Tom Brevoort, Marvel editor/senior VP of Publishing: I think it’s a pairing that’s long been the subject of fan speculation, at least as far back as Larry Niven’s famous piece about the problems with Superman and Lois Lane getting together. And if they have the stories to support it, then it’ll work fine. It doesn’t do much for me personally, though, in that it takes Superman one more step away from being relatable as a human being. Now he’s a super hero with a super hero girlfriend–why does he bother with the Clark Kent glasses at all?

Jimmy Palmiotti, writer/artist (All-Star WesternG.I. Combat) : This not only makes sense but it is overdue if you think about. What a fun couple to double date with! I pity the hotel that has them staying there for a romantic weekend and I hate to be around when one starts cheating on the other … That’s going to get messy. I can’t wait !

Mike Deodato Jr., artist (New Avengers): Nothing is permanent in comics, except maybe the death of Uncle Ben. But as far as Superman and Wonder Woman being lovers, that’s always made sense. DC’s Alan Moore even acknowledged it in the ’80s in his amazing story, “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” when Wonder Woman battled a barrier around the Fortress of Solitude alongside other heroes in their last stand, and a caption read, “…those that might have been his lovers.” Who else, quite frankly, is physically strong enough to make love to the most powerful being on the planet? You may recall when no less than SF author Larry Niven wrote about the impossibility of Superman making it with a human being in an essay called “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.” It’s amusing but pretty accurate and can be found on http://www.rawbw.com/~svw/superman.html Wonder Woman — physically his equal, gorgeous, in the same line of work, created from clay to be perfect by the gods themselves? The question isn’t “Would this happen?” but, rather, “Why the hell did it take them so long?”

Ron Marz (this time in response to our questions). : Superhero comics are half soap opera, so a Wonder Woman-Superman relationship, or better yet, a Wonder Woman-Superman-Lois Lane love triangle, is a natural story to tell. Obviously everything is in the execution, but conceptually it’s enticing. Despite appearances, Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t human, strictly speaking, so there’s a certain logic to them clinging together. They’re both among us, but neither is one of us. I think something like this can help you get to the heart of each character. Historically, Superman chooses Lois, he chooses to be one of us. It humanizes him. That’s less true of Wonder Woman, who seems to keep humanity at arm’s length. Should be interesting to watch this take unfold.

This is a match only made in the comics you can bet it won’t be for the long haul a princess marrying a farm boy give me a break. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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  1. dnwilliams

    I’m surprised there aren’t outraged Lois fans making noise. There were plenty MJ fans weeping and gnashing their teeth when the infamous OMD BONG! took place. And I really love Lois as a character.

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