‘Jay Garrick’ Coming In Season 2 Of The Flash

The CW has today unveiled our first official look at Teddy Spears as Jay Garrick, but if you thought they were going to make us wait to see him as The Flash of Earth-2, think again! In an image paying homage to The Flash #123 (“The Flash of Two Worlds”), he speeds into action…
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By Josh Wilding – 8/11/2015

Flash 123
Flash 123

Teased in the season one finale, we’ve known that Jay Garrick is coming to The Flash since Comic-Con. The CW has chosen a very unique way to give us a first look at the character too, as the first official promo image of Teddy Spears in character recreates the cover of The Flash #123 by Carmine Infantino. In this story, Barry Allen was transported to Keystone City where he met the Golden Age’s Flash, Jay Garrick. This was the first time that a previous version of a DC Comics character met with a current iteration, and it was accomplished by establishing that Garrick and other Golden Age heroes were actually living on a parallel world that came to be known as Earth-2. In other words, it was on the shoulders of “The Flash of Two Worlds!” that the entire DC Multiverse was born. What do you guys think of this first look at Earth-2’s Flash? As always, let us know in the usual place.

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