Henry Cavill gets serious about ‘Man of Steel 2’

Henry Cavill is currently promoting his new movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which means he’s going to be asked a lot of Superman questions as well.

Fandango asked when fans can expect another Superman movie, and Cavill replied with a cheeky: “I can say this… it is highly likely we will see another Superman movie somewhere between 2019 and 2045.” So… sometime in the next 26 years. Great!

On a more serious note, Cavill spoke with Square Mile about his Superman career, going all the way back to Man of Steel and the controversy around him killing General Zod.

“The killing of Zod would have led to a wonderful reason why Superman never kills,” Cavill explained. “Not, he never kills just because his dad said so one day. He made the decision himself because of an impossible scenario, to which he then said, ‘I don’t care if it’s impossible again, I’m gonna find a way to make it possible in the impossible.’”

To Cavill, not having another solo Superman movie after Man of Steel meant “we didn’t get the opportunity to show the other side of it, the ‘I’m ready to be Superman now and I’m ready to show the world the best examples’. That’s where the joy and glee come from, and that sense of warmth from the character, which is his real superpower – he makes people believe in themselves. It was a shame because it would’ve been nice, and it would have been a lovely coupling with the seriousness and the depth of Man of Steel.”

We haven’t heard any concrete info about Warner Bros. moving forward with a Man of Steel 2, but Cavill has a story in mind he’d like to tell.

“[Superman: For Tomorrow is] one of my favorite comic books. I would definitely like to tell a story like that,” Cavill said. “There’s an opportunity to keep on telling Superman stories, and getting them exactly right. Showing the things like hope and joy and that wonderful power of his to make people believe in themselves.” Interview transcript from batman-news.com

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