Green Lantern 67 “The Death of a Guardian”

Green Lantern #67

SPOILER WARNING: Green Lantern #67 has the biggest surprises for a Green Lantern fan in many years. The “War of the Green Lanterns” arc has come to an end but not without some controversy in the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan who has been called the greatest of the Green Lanterns has killed the renegade Guardian Krona and set all the prisoners free and saved the Corps but was rewarded by being stripped of his Green Lantern Ring and kicked out of the Green Lantern Corps. Evidently the Guardians who were set free by Hal now fear him and call him the most dangerous Green Lantern of all because no Green Lantern should be able to kill a Guardian. Mogo is a sentient or “living” planet the largest of all Green Lanterns and also telepathically guides the Green Lantern Power rings to their bearer. Mogo is dead killed by John Steward. Mogo was corrupted and taken over when Krona attacked Oa and effectively took over the Green Lantern Corps.

The New Guardians

A new Green Lantern Ring for whatever reason chose Sinestro as a Green Lantern and now he is a Green Lantern welcomed by the Guardians. Many Green Lanterns and others think it was a mistake and Sinestro should be punished for his crimes against the Corps and are uneasy that he is now a Green Lantern. Needless to say things are changing very quickly in the Green Lantern storyline. Without Mogo there is no guiding force behind the direction of the rings destination in finding a new ring bearer. We wonder how the Corps can exist any more and new rings find worthy ring bearers. Also what is the future of the Guardians themselves with a new title coming in September called the New Guardians.

Sinestro Green Lantern #1

And the biggest surprise of all guess who’s mug is on the cover of the new Green Lantern #1 in September starring Sinestro. How this will shake things up we will see. Geoff Johns has become the writer of major surprises in the Green Lantern Saga. I am sure it will be talked about for years how he has reshaped the Green Lantern Corps. How long will Sinestro be the Green Lantern in the new series we will see. You know Hall Jordan will be back. In Justice League the new series you see Hal as a Green Lantern meeting Batman for the first first time so he is there. But I am sure there will be more to read about that soon. Green Lantern fans it has been a bumpy ride so far so, hang on for the new stories about your Green Lanterns. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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