Ezra and the Sith Holocron – Steps Into Shadow Preview | Star Wars Rebels

There are intense days ahead for the Ghost crew when “Star Wars Rebels” returns for its third season. Ezra’s more powerful than ever (powerful enough to take on an Imperial Walker on his own) and he might look for guidance in a very unlikely place. A new clip from the upcoming season sees Ezra picking up an object that, if he’s not careful, might have a major impact on his destiny.

The hour-long Season 3 premiere, “Steps Into Shadows,” will feature more than just the Sith holocron; it will also feature the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn and a mysterious Force-wielder played by “Doctor Who” veteran Tom Baker. As if all that’s not enough, a previous clip from season three also includes classic “Star Wars” villain Darth Maul — the Sith lord that also played a major role in season two’s climax.

“Star Wars Rebels” returns Saturday, September 24, at 8:30 a.m. ET/PT on Disney XD. Brett White

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