Disney+ After One Year

Our Friends at JustWatch Streaming Guide have put together a graphic comparing all streaming services since Disney Plus made its debut in November of 2019. With the pandemic and the increase in entertainment watching at home, all streaming services seemed to have benefited with the exception of Hulu and Apple TV. Hulu dropped 3 % points and Apple TV has stayed the same over the last 12 months.

Disney+ and HBO Max (Debut May 2020) have the biggest increase showing the biggest jump. While JustWatch Streaming Guide is just one view of the user activity it shows how competitive the services are and maybe in the coming months. With all the services wanting to create more original content and the thirst for more good programming from all movie and series watchers, the next year may set records.

Until the movie industry can put more quality movies in the theaters there are not many other entertainment choices out there. So enjoy what you can with a bag of popcorn at home watching the Mandalorian now and the Snyder-Cut Justice League in 2021 and beyond. Netflix is still number one and gained in streaming in the last 12 months. If your pocketbook can handle the cost there are many services. All things considered Disney Plus has done well over the last year. Check it out in the graphic below


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