DC promises DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 By May 30th

Media Release — DC confirms DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 will be on sale Wednesday, May 30th. The writer and artist team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are committed to delivering new issues to fans on a bimonthly basis.

“Gary and I are working diligently to deliver a thought-provoking and beautifully drawn series that’s unlike anything else on the shelves today,” says Johns. “It’s incredibly important to us to keep up the quality of DOOMSDAY CLOCK, but also to deliver it on the bimonthly schedule and we intend to keep our word. Issue #5 will begin the countdown for the DC Universe as the worlds of the Watchmen and DC collide full-on. Expect to see characters known and obscure step into the spotlight. And the strangest team-up you’ve ever seen.”

In issue #5 the Comedian lives, Mime and Marionette are loose in Gotham City and Rorschach is locked in the bowels of Arkham Asylum. Fans won’t want to miss it! Below is new art from the upcoming issue by Gary Frank.

One Thought to “DC promises DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 By May 30th”

  1. Doomsday Clock delays are harsh. I wouldn’t be so bothered if the story wasn’t so great. I’ve absolutely loved it so far, but having to re-read before each new issue just to keep any semblance of momentum alive is a shame. This is why people hate waiting.

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