DC NATION #1 New Comics Magazine #DCComics

Media Release — DC NATION #1, the first issue of the all-new, free magazine for DC fans, is coming to comics shops on June 6. Now, DC reveals the contents of that issue, including these articles:
* Bendis & Snyder: A joint Q&A with two comics titans

* How to draw Hawkman with Bryan Hitch

* Flash War: Flash vs. Flash

* The Legacy of Metal

* Batman Wedding Crashers

* Batman vs. Deathstroke

In addition, DC NATION includes a Direct Currents section that focuses on comics set to arrive in comics shops in July. 

DC NATION #1 will appear on your May 14 Final Order Cutoff list under item code MAR188631 with a quantity that will be preset based on your orders on BATMAN #46 (MAR180254). You may adjust your orders on DC NATION #1 up or down; additional copies above your preset quantities will be available at a net price of $.35 US per copy. 

DC NATION #1 is a magazine-sized, 48-page title. It is on Final Order Cutoff on May 14 with an in-store date of June 6.

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