DC Comics Preview – Superman #6

Superman 6
Superman 6

The Eradicator will learn someday that it’s all about the approach with people.

You might have some worthy points to make about the survival of Kryptonian culture and all that other gobbledygook, but no one reacts well to threats, and especially when those threats are directed towards one’s wife, child, and lovable super dog.

That’s what the Kryptonian that never seems to get the message will come to understand in the newest issue of Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s current run on Superman. Clark has absorbed about as much power as he can to keep the Eradicator from hurting his family, but in the process, he might just take out the moon. As a side note, it’s highly doubtful that destruction of moons is covered in any sort of insurance policy, so best for that to be avoided if at all possible. I’m sure the government would agree.

The latest issue in the Son of Superman arc continues Jon’s superhero education if he manages to survive that is. If the preview is any indication, though, a lost friend might not be completely lost after all.

The official description of the issue is located below, and make sure to check out the six-page preview in the gallery. Superman #6 hits comic shops and digital release on September 7th.

“SON OF SUPERMAN” part 6! The evil Eradicator faces off against Superman and son in a battle that may save the day but destroy the moon. By Matthew Mueller ComicBook.com

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