Dan DiDio Reveals Secrets of DC Comics’ “Convergence”

DC’s upcoming event Convergence is one of the most anticipated events from the publisher in recent years, and now after much waiting and speculation they have revealed which universes will be involved in the event. Among the cities involved are Metropolis from the Kingdom Come universe, and Moscow, the home of the Red Son Superman.

“Here, we’re not only telling a story that not only touches upon every character and every generation of hero, but brings them all together in one story, one event,” says DC Comics’ Co-Publisher Dan DiDio in the narration for the company’s new “Convergence” trailer. “There was a great expression from ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ — ‘Worlds live, worlds die and nothing will ever be the same.’ Well, here in ‘Convergence,’ we’re gonna follow the worlds that died.”

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