Crisis on Infinite Earths: #7 – #8 – #9

Issue #7

Issue #7, “Beyond the Silent Night”

Harbinger, Alex, and Pariah gather representatives from the remaining five Earths to explain the situation and plan their next move. We learn the beginnings of the multiverse, the secrets of the dawn of time, the origins of the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, and the part Pariah played in causing the destruction of the universe.

A strike team is gathered to attack the Anti-Monitor in his lair in the anti-matter universe. Earth-1’s Superman, who reaches the Anti-Monitor’s machinery first, starts to destroy it, but he is shot with a blast of energy from the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor starts to kill Superman, but Supergirl intervenes, saving Superman and destroying the machine at the cost of her own life.

The Anti-Monitor escapes to nurse his wounds, and the heroes retreat as the fortress falls apart. The time distortion has ceased on the five Earths; although they are still linked, they are no longer in any immediate danger.

Issue #8

Issue #8, “A Flash of the Lightning”

The Anti-Monitor nears completion on a massive weapon calculated to destroy the Multiverse, and Earth’s heroes are helpless! The villain has held the Flash captive since the Crisis began, but now The Fastest Man Alive is ready to battle back and destroy that machine–even if it means his own death!

The Anti-Monitor makes a new body for himself. We also see that the Guardians of the Universe are suffering a civil war. The Flash escapes his prison and takes his anger out on the Psycho-Pirate. He then makes the Pirate show him the anti-matter cannon that the Anti-Monitor is building.

The Flash uses his super-speed to destroy the cannon, sacrificing his life to save the five remaining Earths. The Anti-Monitor, by now angry with the humans’ interference in his plans, destroys his own universe so that he can absorb all its power for the final confrontation.

Issue #9

Issue #9, “War Zone”

Check-in with the vilest villains in the DC Multiverse in this issue exploring what the bad guys have been up to since the Crisis began. Will this army of corrupt rogues take advantage of the mayhem descending on reality–or lend a hand in humanity’s time of need?

The heroes continue to address the problems of the interlocking worlds. Alex Luthor, Harbinger, and Pariah address the United Nations on Earth-1. While the heroes were busy on Earths 1 and 2, Earth-1’s Brainiac and Lex Luthor organized the super-villains to take over Earths S, X, and 4.

While the heroes and villains fight, the original Flash (Jay Garrick) asks Kid Flash (Wally West), who retired from super-heroics because his powers were killing him, to join the fight. Using Barry Allen’s “cosmic treadmill” to break the barrier between the worlds, the heroes prepare to save their compatriots on the imprisoned worlds.


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