Crisis on Infinite Earths: #10 – #11 – #12

Issue #10

Issue #10, “Death at the Dawn of Time”

The battle between heroes and villains continues until the Spectre appears and tells them that the Anti-Monitor isn’t dead; he’s gone back to the dawn of time to prevent Creation itself. The heroes and villains agree to put aside their differences.

The heroes are sent back to stop the Anti-Monitor while the villains travel back 10 billion years to ancient Oa to prevent Krona from performing his experiment, the event that ruptured the universe and created the multiverse. The villains are easily defeated by the advanced Oans and their own overconfidence.

The impossibly powerful Spectre finally steps into the fray, but even the embodiment of God’s wrath may not be enough to save the universe! The heroes, thanks to some help from the mystical DC heroes, keep the Anti-Monitor from winning against the Spectre. Everything fades to white.

Issue #11

Issue #11, “Aftershock”

Clark Kent of Earth-2 wakes up and goes to work, thinking about the “awful dream” he had the night before. Unfortunately, he goes to the Daily Planet — not the Daily Star — and runs into Perry White and Lois Lane of Earth-1, who wonder why Clark looks so old. Clark Kent of Earth-1 shows up and covers for his “weird uncle Clark.”

Apparently, nobody remembers the Crisis except the heroes who went back to the dawn of time. With the help of Jay Garrick and Wally West, they discover that Earth-2 wasn’t just destroyed; it never existed in the first place. Since this means that Earth-2 Superman’s wife, Lois, is gone, this upsets him greatly. They discover that the new Earth is now an amalgam of the five Earths, one in which heroes existed in both the 1940s and the modern age.

The heroes meet in Titans Tower to discuss this turn of events. For those whose worlds never existed, it is a difficult thing to accept. The Supermen are still discussing their respective losses when the Earth is sucked into the anti-matter universe.

Issue #12

Issue #12, “Final Crisis”

A small band of heroes, who were earlier dispatched to Brainiac’s ship to seek his help, are shocked to find that the Earth is gone. Apprised of the situation, Brainiac transports them to someone who has the power they need. Meanwhile, an image of the Anti-Monitor appears over the Earth and declares the world will die.

The sky then turns black. Harbinger gathers a select group of heroes for a final assault on the Anti-Monitor. The darkness explodes into millions of shadow demons, each of whom can kill with the slightest touch. Heroes around the world fight to defend the people; not all of them survive. Alex Luthor creates a conduit that allows the heroes to bridge the barrier created by the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, Darkseid is revealed as the powerful figure sought out by Brainiac and his allies. The mystical heroes channel their supernatural energy to contain the demons attacking Earth. On the anti-matter world of Qward (the Anti-Monitor’s home base), the heroes discover Flash’s uniform just before the Anti-Monitor declares “this is the day the universe dies.”

Working as a team, the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor, but not before he blasts Wonder Woman out of existence. The Earth is moved back to its proper place in the positive universe, and Darkseid, using Alex Luthor as a conduit, delivers the coup de grace. Alex, Superboy, Superman-2, and Lois, who Alex saved from her world’s erasure, disappear into a place where there is “everlasting peace.” In the epilogue, the Psycho-Pirate is sitting along in an asylum, gibbering about all the worlds that died.