Crisis on Infinite Earths: #4 – #5 – #6

Issue #4

Issue #4, “And Thus Shall the World Die”

The anti-matter waves continue to threaten Earth-1 and Earth-2. As the Monitor’s teams try to protect the forks from attack, Pariah manages to save Lady Quark, a noblewoman and superhero on Earth-6, from her universe’s annihilation.

Another world succumbs to the destructive power of the relentless anti-matter wave, but this time the mysterious man known as Pariah is able to save the life of one person, if only for a little while longer. Meanwhile, the android known as Red Tornado is captured by the enemy.

Meanwhile, the heroes on the remaining Earths do their best to save as many lives as possible from the anti-matter wave. Pariah appears on the Monitor’s satellite, just in time to witness the possessed Harbinger kill the Monitor. Pariah weeps for the Monitor while Earth-1 and Earth-2 fade to black.

Issue #5

Issue #5, “Worlds in Limbo”

The Anti-Monitor is confused. He knows his wave has destroyed the two Earths, but he hasn’t received the energy unleashed by their destruction. Meanwhile, a pre-recorded message made by the Monitor explains to Pariah and Harbinger (who is now free of the Anti-Monitor’s control) that he was aware of his eventual death, and he took steps to put it to good use. He tells them that his death released enough energy to pull the two Earths into a pocket universe, safe from the Anti-Monitor’s weapons.

The downside is that the Earths are in a temporal flux; there are cavemen in the Batcave and dinosaurs roaming through 30th-century Metropolis. Also, the vibrational barriers between them are slowing down, meaning they’ll eventually annihilate each other. Meanwhile, the Anti-Monitor gives Flash to the Psycho-Pirate to torture (the Anti-Monitor kidnapped the Flash because he is one of the only beings who can traverse the Earths on his own). Alex Luthor, now a young adult, uses the Monitor’s satellite to gather heroes to help him save Earth-X (home of the Freedom Fighters), Earth-S (home of the Marvel Family), and Earth-4 (home of the heroes from the Charlton Comics group).

Issue #6

Issue #6, “3 Earths! 3 Deaths!”

The heroes from Earths 1 and 2 arrive on 4, S, and X to find that the heroes on that world have gone mad because of the Psycho-Pirate, whose emotion-manipulating powers have been boosted by the Anti-Monitor. Harbinger burns out her power and the Monitor’s satellite by bringing the three Earths into the pocket universe. As well, super-villains start vanishing with no explanation, an occurrence that keeps repeating itself for the next couple of issues.

Using the mind-altering powers of the Psycho-Pirate, the sinister Anti-Monitor creates a wave of fear and paranoia which reaches out and engulfs the last three Earths in existence. While heroes battle heroes this monster’s machiavellian schemes of total annihilation come closer and closer to fruition.


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