Comics Review 2009

Dark Reign

2009 was a interesting year in comics Captain America (Steve Rogers) appears
in New Avengers Annual in the last panel alive, the Red Hulk’s identity
has still not been revealed, Bruce Banner is still not able to turn into the
Hulk and is teaching his son to kick ass. Peter Parker and Mary Jane are still un-married, still have 4 Avengers titles, the Dark Reign story line is still going on. Thor has lost his Kingdom and kicked
out of Asgard. The Xmen are on an Island in the Pacific trying avoid Dark Reign control. This is just some of the action in the Marvel Universe.

Blackest Night

On the DC side Batman (Bruce Wayne) is still dead, Dick Grayson has taken the Cowl of Batman, Superman is on the New Krypton as military Commander there, the Justice League is redefining itself as a group of superheroes, the Flash (Barry Allen) has returned and is trying to find a place again as a superhero. And Green Lantern title has taken over the DC Universe through the Limited Series Blackest Night which on the heals of Final Crisis will change the DC Universe as we know it. Where have I heard that before?

Well as you can see in DC and Marvel you have two comic worlds in flux with writers having a good time shaking up the way things are. Brian Michael Bendis for Marvel seems to dominate the direction marvel is going right now with
the new series Siege coming in 2010 will end I think the Dark Reign story line, seven years in the making. With that and the new story the Fall of the Hulksit will define Marvel in the way Bendis and Quesada have wanted for years. The public is waiting to see what the result will be.

Siege Origin

And at DC Geoff Johns has to be the writer of the year for the story Blackest Night story line which will control the fate of the DC comic world for years to come. Change is the way they sell comics now. At 4 and 5 dollars per comic I wonder if we are getting our money’s worth. But that is for the
comic buyer to decide when the price gets too high it will not sell.

Geoff Johns has to be right up there as great writers with the domination of the DC Universe. Don’t quite know what direction he is going with the Blackest Night story line but can’t wait to see what will happen when it is concluded.

Maybe this is the year when the dust settles and we see what the Marvel and DC universe look like. Enough with the Universe ending events. Lets get to the interesting characters and relationships that make up the comic world great to read. How about a good story and great art work within each comic title and let us decide what is good entertainment. See you at the comic shop. Stay tuned comic faithful for More 🙂 Walt.

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