Check for Rights To Superman Up For Auction

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As said by Matt Fraction this is “the most important $412 dollars in comics history,” the check written to a young Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, in part, for the rights to Superman, has surfaced among the items for an upcoming auction.This check, written March 1, 1938, by Detective Comics Publisher Jack Liebowitz, has been key to several legal and moral disputes, the first beginning barely a year after its signing. (Bleeding Cool notes an April 6, 1939, stamp on the back for the U.S. District Court of New York, suggesting it was entered as evidence in DC’s copyright-infringement lawsuit against Bruns Publications over the Will Eisner-created Wonder Man.)

Of the $412, $130 was for the rights to Superman; the remaining $282 was in payment for stories contributed to Detective Comics, Adventure Comics and More Fun Comics. It’s worth pointing out that Liebowitz managed to misspell the last names of both Siegel and Shuster, leading them to sign twice on the back. The check will be among the items from Siegel’s personal collection auctioned Nov. 14-30 by Comic Connect. Other memorabilia include Siegel’s favorite suit and tie, clumps of his hair, his personal typewriter and a Superman script.

“Much has been made of the original 1938 $130 payment to Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster,” Comic Connect said in a statement. “Did DC Comics take advantage of two eager young men looking for their big break in the comic business or was this unequivocally fair business practice between comic book writers and publishers in a 1938 America? Whatever you believe, the $130 check is the symbol of this debate for the ages.” Information from the CBR Website.

The argument is on going. Did the check pay for the rights to the character himself or was it a payment for story material and the rights to use Superman in future stories. Did Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster still retain the rights Superman or did they sell it outright. The courts are still arguing that. The deal was more lucrative than the people buying Manhattan Island from the American Indians. However you feel about the deal it is very interesting that the items are going for auction when the fate of Superman is in the air. If the families involved get the full rights the next check for the rights to Superman could boggle the mind. DC has already lost some rights to Superman. Where will it end. Stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt

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2 Thoughts to “Check for Rights To Superman Up For Auction”

  1. Terry

    This is taking forever to settle the Superman rights and it looks like all the Siegle and Shuster family want to do is make money on a dead mans hair is there no shame.

  2. Bruce

    I never understood how something that was done over 70 years ago can be a legal issue when all the people involved are dead.

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