Bruce Timm Continuing His Work at Warner Bros.

Bruce Timm
Bruce Timm

It’s been over 20 years since Bruce Timm hopped from Tiny Toon Adventures to the Batman animated series sowed the seeds for what has become the DC Animated Universe. Timm became the supervising producer at Warner Bros. Animation, shepherding all of their projects up to and including the two-part Dark Knight Returns.

As first reported by Voices From Krypton, Timm has now stepped down from his role as producer and has been replaced by James Tucker, producer of Justice League, Legion of Super Heroes and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, most recently director of Superman Unbound.

The departure of Bruce Timm from Warner Bros. totally may have been exaggerated as we learn the creator behind some of DC Comics’ most popular animated movies will be returning.

Gary Miereanu who handles the publicity for Warners Animation let loose a batch of tweets that confirms Bruce Timm will be back in a very big way and is continuing his work at Warner Bros.

Bruce Timm is stepping away from the DCU Animated Original Movies for a bit … but he’ll be back – in a very big way.

He’s not going far, and he’ll be back

Bruce Timm continues his amazing work at Warner Bros. He’s only taking a break from DCU films to develop more of the stuff you love.

Honestly, he never left. Green Lantern Animated series … The Flaming C … Dark Knight Returns. And something new and cool

The something “new and cool” referred to could be a new Justice League animated series as Bruce Timm was responsible for developing the 2001 version. Or perhaps it’s a new Superman animated series set to launch in conjunction with the 75th anniversary and the Man of Steel movie.

Reading into Miereanu’s tweets it could be taken that Bruce Timm is continuing his amazing work at Warner Bros and that he is only taking a break from DCU films.

As many fans will attest to, the DC animated movies have been nothing short of spectacular, blowing away their Marvel animated movies competition, at a time when Disney and Marvel have been doing similar to DC with their own live-action films.

It almost seems like a no-brainer that Warners would go with an in-house asset with somebody who has already had success adapting their DC Comics properties to film – albeit animated – but still quite a success nonetheless.

Update: It has been confirmed with Gary Miereanu that Bruce Timm is returning to the Animated side of things. Timm is taking a break to work on his own projects but once WB says ‘go’, he’ll quietly begin serious efforts on something else for Warner Bros. Animation an individual inside the Burbank offices informed CBN: Timm will be creating a new Justice League cartoon series that will be firmly set within the DC Animated Universe or Timmverse if you will. Exactly when the series will debut depends on WB’s plans for the Justice League live-action movie as they want to launch the new cartoon around the same time as the film.

Justice League Animated
Justice League Animated


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