Brianna Hildebrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead Interview

It’s already been confirmed that the duo will return, but the actress has now talked for the first time about her role in Deadpool 2. She hasn’t seen a script but is expected to get an updated appearance.

“I’ve not yet actually read the script,” Hildebrand admitted, adding “But I do think she will be a lot cooler, based on the wardrobe ideas and stuff. I’m very excited.” She explained she’d just seen some concept art, “Just some ideas, nothing that’s concrete or anything. But I think it’s cool that she’s grown and matured and she still has so much of this essence of a punk kid.”

It should be fun to see how the character evolves and whether yet another appearance from Negasonic Teenage Warhead means that Marvel Studios can once again make some sort of exchange with Fox. Last time, they got Ego the Living Planet, so it too much to hope they’ve now nabbed Doctor Doom or Galactus? Probably, but stranger things have happened, so stay tuned…. “Deadpool 2” Source: ScreenRant

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