Batman 80 Page Giant #1 Caramagna introduces autism to comics

Batman 80 pg Giant #1

Batman 80 Page Giant #1 for 2011 was a great collection of Batman stories but the last story written by Joe Caramagna really caught my interest and pulled my heart strings. It’s a story about Solomon Grundy, Batman and a little autistic boy named Lucas. Lucas shares an adventure with Batman which gets him to speak for the first time delighting his parents who struggle with raising this wonderful young man who happens to have autism a very misunderstood mental condition.

This is the first time a Batman story has focused on autism since the Caped Crusader started patrolling Gotham’s gritty streets in 1939, says Bob Greenberger, the author of “The Essential Batman Encyclopedia.” DC editor Michael Marts. “I wasn’t prepared for how moved I would  be for this story. In 10 short pages, Joe crafted an emotional story that  carefully dealt with a sensitive issue-autism-while at the same time spinning  an exciting Batman action/adventure tale.”

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. It can be very challenging for parents to help the child have a happy normal life.

“I began to research on message boards and websites about how some children with autism like to read comic books,” said Caramagna, who’s worked for both Marvel and DC Comics. “For some kids, there’s something about the pictures and the text broken into smaller pieces that makes it easier to read than prose novels. I wanted to tell a story where comics can make a difference in someone’s life and get their creative juices going. I don’t want to make it sound like if you give a kid a comic, he’ll be cured. But I think they can be used as part of a creative therapy or artistic therapy. With autism, no one knows what might be the thing that unlocks their imagination.”

That’s the key with these children unlock the world to them so the can relate to others and be better for the experience. As a grand father of 2 beautiful autistic children I see my daughter and son in law lovingly reach out to these inquisitive minds and teach them with care, protecting them when necessary and encouraging them to grow. has some great information to understand this treatable disorder.

Comics can be a wonderful media for all people to use their imagination and build their reading skills. Below is a preview of the story provided by CBR. Please stay tuned comic faithful for more. 🙂 Walt



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    Excellent post, I am amazed at the short story it tells a lot about of autism, the challenges of parents and the condition of the disability.

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