AQUAMAN Reaches $1 Billion: James Wan Thanks Everyone

James Wan’s Aquaman has now officially passed $1 billion at the worldwide box office, & the director has sent out a series of Tweets thanking those responsible for getting the movie to that milestone.

Reviews of Aquaman were not overwhelmingly positive. When the movie premiered in theaters there were actually quite a few people that believed it’d be a massive flop, the Justice League curse would extend to the Movie Aquaman. However, James Wan and company had the last laugh with audiences enjoying the family-friendly movie with there wallets by making it a billion-dollar success.


I for one enjoyed the movie and am happy for the DC Films Universe and its success. Maybe it is time to put the Zack Snyder hate away and just appreciate a good movie when it happens. China and other Foreign markets showed how much popularity Jason Momoa and James Wan have worldwide when part of a good film.

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