Rob Liefeld – Youngblood

Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld was born in Fullerton, California, as the son of a preacher. At an early age, Rob decided that he wanted to make a career in comics. In 1985, Rob moved to Oakland, California where he was hired by both Marvel and DC Comics. There he worked on the series ‘New Mutants’, later called ‘X-force’.X-force’s first issue, was the single largest selling issue of a comic ever.

Youngblood #1

Then, in 1992, Liefeld left Marvel when joined together with Todd McFarlane, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, Erik Larsen, and Jim Lee to form Image Comics. There he realized the series ‘Youngblood’, this broke the record for the best selling ever independent comic. The record was again broken by McFarlane’s Spawn No.1, and then again with Lee’s WildC.A.T.S. No.1. During this time he also created such series as ‘Supreme’, ‘Glory’, ‘New Men’, and ‘Prophet’. In 1996 he resigned from Image Comics, the company he founded and folded all his publishing efforts to Maximum Press and other endeavors.

Later on Liefeld had come to an agreement with Marvel Comics in which he revamped ‘Avengers’ and ‘Captain America’. Rob returned once more to the self-publishing arena. He established a new company called Awesome Entertainment. Along with writer/publisher Jeph Loeb, Rob brought many talented creators such as Alan Moore and Ian Churchill into the company. Rob acquired the rights to Jack Kirby’s, ‘Fighting American’. He also lent his efforts to Alan Moore’s ‘Judgement Day’ mini-series.



Variant Cover #1