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Ultimate Spider-Man 1
Ultimate Spider-Man 1

October 1, 2000, Norman Osborn has created the OZ drug and is experimenting with spiders because he is not allowed to experiment with human subjects. Peter Parker, a super smart kid suffers from getting picked on by bullies at school. On a field-trip to Osborn Industries, Peter gets bitten by an experimental spider. Because of this, Norman wants to keep tabs on Peter. Osborn attempts to get one of his men to kill Peter, but Peter proves to have amazing powers.

Comics come and go but some stories and artwork stay with you for years and be come classics of media. They change and mold the comic world in ways that last forever. We love to look back at the first time we read about the Flash as he streaks to save someone, or Spider-Man as he swings through New York. Every comic reader has their favorite but something special happens sometimes when story and art reach greatness. Greatness in the dictionary is defined as highest in quality and remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect. Well, that is why we are here to honor great work in comics. Movies and books and artwork are honored by awards and much attention is made to these. Comics are just a part of the fabric of society as any entertainment.

Some years back I came across a website titled THE 100 GREATEST COMICS OF THE 20th CENTURY by Mitchell Brown. It was a good I got permission to share some of them on the Comics Talk website. Since then Mitchell has left the web but I want to dedicate THE GREATEST COMICS OF THE 21st CENTURY to Mitchell Brown and what he tried to accomplish on the World Wide Web. The 21st century is almost 20 years old and we will begin to honor the great comics in those years and the years to come. From 2000 to whenever. Yes, I know that technically the century did not begin until January 1, 2001, but you have to start somewhere so 2000 it is and it will cause less confusion. So we are off with a lot of fun, don’t miss THE GREATEST COMICS OF THE 21st CENTURY.

– Walt Stiles at comicstalk.com

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