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In 2000, Marvel embarked on a bold new experiment, re-imagining some of their greatest heroes in the 21st century, beginning with Spider-Man! Writer Brian Michael Bendis along with artists Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen invite you to discover the world of Peter Parker in a whole new way with the series that changed everything!

Peter Parker is a teenaged science prodigy who lives in Queens, New York. He is bitten by a genetically altered spider and inherits its powers, including enhanced strength, agility and reflexes. When an armed thief, whom Peter had a chance to stop earlier but did not, kills his Uncle Ben, he feels guilty and dedicates his life to fighting crime as the costumed vigilante Spider-Man. Peter tries to balance school, a job, a girlfriend, his family life with his widowed aunt May, and his activities as Spider-Man.

Creators: Creators: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Mark Bagley
Marvel Ultimate Universe
Ultimate Spider-Man: Same Creative Team 2000-2009

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Peter Parker as the Ultimate Spider-Man

J Jonah Jameson is reviewing a recent story involving Spider-Man engaging in a scuffle earlier in the day. It is explained that a woman was stealing a pair of children’s sneakers and the manager rushes out to stop her. Mistaking the man as a dangerous person, another well-built man steps into the fray to prevent further harm to the woman. This leads to yet another man, named Danny Rand, who also wants to help alleviate the situation. All of this leads to Spider-Man’s involvement in which diffuses the situation.

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Ultimate Spider-Man 1/2 From Marvel Comics:
Writer Brian Michael Bendis
Art Mark Bagley
Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 03, 2015
Published: October 09, 2000

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