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DC Comics Launches Smallville Season 11

MEDIA RELEASE: Feb 9, 2012 09:04 AM ET by Rich Sands   tvguide.com In one of the closing scenes of last May’s Smallville series finale, Chloe Sullivan tells her Superman-worshipping son, “There will always be more adventures for another day.” That day is about to arrive, thanks to a new comic-book series that picks up where the long-running show left off. On April 13,… Read More
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Smallville Finale – With Michael Rosenbaum As Lex Luthor!

The CW has announced that Smallville will conclude with a two-hour series finale on Friday, May 13. 10 years in the making it will be watched by many fans. Michael Rosenbaum will return as Lex Luther the number one nemeses of Superman. He had told many that he would not return but the fans changed his mind. This is the… Read More
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Smallville Last Season?

Superficially, the much-anticipated weekly adventure fantasy series Smallville resembled the many cartoon and live-action adaptations of DC’s old Superboy comic books, themselves spin-offs of the indomitable Siegel and Schuster creation, Superman. However, this new hour-long WB series went off on several new tangents, notably the Buffy the Vampire Slayer conceit that with special powers comes special responsibilities. The pilot episode,… Read More