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Dan Slott Has a “Giant, Evil Master Plan” for “Amazing Spider-Man”

Since 2007, Dan Slott has been a major part of Spider-Man’s life as one part of the rotating team of writers on “Amazing Spider-Man” during the “Brand New Day” era. As of 2010’s “Big Time” that began in “Amazing Spider-Man” #648, Slott has been the sole writer of Peter Parker’s adventures, going so far as to kill the character and… Read More

Silver Surfer 3 Review

The new Silver Surfer comic is about exploration and embracing the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer as seen by through the eyes of Norrin Radd and the earth woman Dawn Greenwood who was kidnapped by aliens and placed on the Impererion to insure the Silver Surfers services. Issue #3 wraps up Slott’s opening arc as Surfer and his… Read More