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The Time Variance Authority and Loki TV

The Time Variance Authority (or TVA) claims responsibility for monitoring the multiverse and can prune timelines if they’re deemed too dangerous to exist. Like Time Cops they also take action to prevent other beings from altering the past or future. The Time Variance Authority is an infinitely vast bureaucracy that governs a significant number of realities in the ever-growing multiverse.… Read More
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Avengers Movie Spoilers

The movie that will officially come to the big screen on May the first but some have pre-screened the movie and we have their comments read them if you dare. Beware SPOILERS AHEAD. Thor vs Hulk ends in a stalemate. The fight begins on the heli-carrier after Banner hulks out and almost kills Black Widow. A huge fight between the… Read More
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Thor Movie Review Marvel

I just reviewed the movie Thor and was impressed with the story and technical content. I watched in 3D while I always have problems getting the 3D glasses just right because of my prescription glasses the picture was sharp and very well done, quality 3D effects. The movie had a lot to say and the 2 hours was used well.… Read More