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Dan Slott: ‘The Clone Conspiracy’ Means Problems for Peter Parker

Dan Slott tells THR why the dead are returning from the grave in Marvel’s new ‘Spider-Man’ comic book storyline. Somewhere, Peter Parker’s spider-sense is tingling, and with very, very good reason — the Marvel superhero is about to face one of his most unexpected challenges yet: One of his long-standing foes seems to have uncovered the key to eternal life.… Read More
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The End Teaser From Marvel About Superior Spider-Man

Marvel’s Friday teasers kick off with a particularly oblique and ominous use of the phrase THE END, presented in bright, glowing purple letters on the now-familiar black background complete with a hidden number 1. The listed creators — Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli — are best known for their work together on “Superior Spider-Man,” and the revelation of whatever project… Read More
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Dan Slott Interview Superior Spider-Man 17

Superior Spider-Man is currently facing off against Hobgoblin, but coming up in next month’s Superior Spider-Man #17 he’s facing off against a new kind of adversary: Spider-Man 2099. But this isn’t the Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara remembers from stories or his own brief crossover with the modern-day back in the mid-90s. This is Doc Ock Spider-Man. Since the mind-bending twist in… Read More
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‘H’EL’ is back Plus Krypton Returns Crossover

H’El is back for Villains Month in September, and this time around, readers will get some answers about the mysterious villain’s powers and past, as well as getting a glimpse of the New 52 version of Krypton. And the September story will lead directly into the next Super-books crossover in November, titled “Krypton Returns.” The crossover, which promises to send… Read More