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Ava DuVernay’s ‘New Gods’ With Comic Book Creator Tom King

Tom King writer of the award-winning ‘Mister Miracle’ comic book series has joined Ava DuVernay in an attempt to write the screenplay of DC Films’ New Gods movie. King successfully revived the mythology of the “Fourth World” comic book series from the 1970s using the great characters created by the comic book legend Jack Kirby. The “Fourth World” stories reveal… Read More
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Is Superhero Movie Attendance Dropping?

2017 was a big year for comic book based movies with four studios vying for moviegoers attention. We are looking at seven releases by Sony, Fox, Marvel and Warner Bros. The Quality this year for superhero movies has never been better with an audience rating averaging 7.67 stars out of ten. All things considered the seven movies we are talking… Read More
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‘Calexit’ Comic Book Imagines California in Revolt

A new comic book hitting shelves this week imagines a full-scale revolt against the federal government in the state of California over President Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies. Calexit, a new series from Black Mask Studios, is set in a bitter future in which the state of California is plunged into a war with the federal government and a civil… Read More

Spider-Man Costumes for “Renew Your Vows”

Marvel Comics has debuted the Spidey costumes to be worn by Mary Jane Watson-Parker and Annie Parker, Mary Jane and Peter’s daughter, from the upcoming, ongoing series incarnation of “Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows.” ComicBook.com debuted the following “Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows” #1 cover and concept art boasting artist Ryan Stegman’s new designs, which you can check out below:  … Read More

Preview: THE FALLEN #1

(Writer) Greg Pak (Art) Mark Bagley (Cover) Leinil Francis Yu How will the Marvel universe deal with the fallout of Bruce Banner’s death? As a giant falls, friends and enemies alike gather to mourn his passing. Amadeus Cho, Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross, the Warbound and more. Can they all keep a level head – or will some of… Read More

Doctor Strange #10 Review

Marvel: August 3, 2016 Writer: Jason Aaron Art: Chris Bachalo Cover: Kevin Nowlan Cover Price: $3.99 Eric Bradach’s The Comixalaxy The Marvel business model at the moment is obsessed with re-launches and the fixation on releasing new #1’s on the racks to boost sales. Every time DC seems to be edging them out on the top 10 charts, they react… Read More
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Marvel’s Latest “Dead No More” Update

Marvel’s latest promotion for upcoming Spider-Man story “Dead No More” comes in the form of an animated gif, one that warns that everything that’s been said up to this point about the arc may have been one big misdirect. Following a gradually accelerating series of related panels, the text “Everything you’ve been told is wrong” is revealed, along with the… Read More
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Matt Ryan is John Constantine in “Justice League Dark”

A first look at Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming "Justice League Dark" animated film has surfaced online. The footage includes a trailer, and behind-the-scenes look at the animated adaptation with the filmmakers. Additionally, the video confirms that Matt Ryan, who played John Constantine on NBC’s cancelled "Constantine" TV series, will reprise his role for the film. Other members of the film’s… Read More
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Spider-Man’s greatest villain Doctor Octopus is coming

It’s been a long time coming, but Spider-Man’s greatest villain is finally coming back to life. Did somebody call a doctor? The latest comic solicitations for Marvel’s October releases confirm Doctor Octopus is officially coming back. Here’s the story’s logline: “Death is no more, and DOCTOR OCTOPUS HAS RETURNED!!! How is he back? And what does he have to do… Read More