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Mark Millar Slams DC and Marvel

Noted comic book writer Mark Millar recently signed a deal with Netflix, which will not only see Millar Produced movies and shows created and released for the streaming network but comics as well. So Millarworld is going to be taking on the Big Two: Marvel and DC Comics. With DC Entertainment and the MCU, it’s noted with Disney creating their… Read More
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Assuming next month’s Justice League movie is a success, more DCEU movies are a given, which will include Justice League sequels. Speaking with Total Film Magazine, J.K. Simmons confirms more Justice League movies are currently in development ahead of the November release of the first film. Total Film questions J.K. Simmons about being seriously pumped up (see the image below)… Read More
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New Justice league Posters and a New Trailer Is Confirmed For This Weekend

Warner Bros. has finally confirmed that the Justice League trailer is on the way and to celebrate, the studio has released an incredible series of character posters for the highly anticipated release… We’ve suspected for a while now that a new Justice League trailer would be with us in time to celebrate Comic-Con and that’s finally been made 100% official.… Read More
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THE BATMAN Director MATT REEVES Clarifies Statement on DCEU Connection

The Batman writer/director Matt Reeves has backtracked on his earlier statement that the film would not be part of the DC Extended Universe, saying now on Twitter that the film would be in-continuity with the other DC Films but would not feature any non-Batman characters. “Jeez, what’d I miss, guys…? ???? Just to be clear: Of COURSE Batman will be… Read More