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Dan Slott: ‘The Clone Conspiracy’ Means Problems for Peter Parker

Dan Slott tells THR why the dead are returning from the grave in Marvel’s new ‘Spider-Man’ comic book storyline. Somewhere, Peter Parker’s spider-sense is tingling, and with very, very good reason — the Marvel superhero is about to face one of his most unexpected challenges yet: One of his long-standing foes seems to have uncovered the key to eternal life.… Read More
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Spider-Man’s greatest villain Doctor Octopus is coming

It’s been a long time coming, but Spider-Man’s greatest villain is finally coming back to life. Did somebody call a doctor? The latest comic solicitations for Marvel’s October releases confirm Doctor Octopus is officially coming back. Here’s the story’s logline: “Death is no more, and DOCTOR OCTOPUS HAS RETURNED!!! How is he back? And what does he have to do… Read More
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Dan Slott Has a “Giant, Evil Master Plan” for “Amazing Spider-Man”

Since 2007, Dan Slott has been a major part of Spider-Man’s life as one part of the rotating team of writers on “Amazing Spider-Man” during the “Brand New Day” era. As of 2010’s “Big Time” that began in “Amazing Spider-Man” #648, Slott has been the sole writer of Peter Parker’s adventures, going so far as to kill the character and… Read More
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Relaunched Amazing Spider-Man

By Anthony Couto: Marvel is relaunching The Amazing Spider-Man comic series under their All-New All-Different banner, giving the wall-crawler a high-tech redesign from legendary artist Alex Ross and a whole new Iron Man-influenced status quo under the pen of writer Dan Slott and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. Speaking to MTV about Spider-Man’s new responsibilities as head of Parker Industries, Slott said,… Read More
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Silver Surfer #10 Review

I have read Silver Surfer stories for years and enjoyed them from the time since Norrin Radd first came to earth in Fantastic Four #48 in March 1966. There is something about the sad story of how Norrin became the Silver Surfer and Herald of Galactus, who was a cosmic force of destruction. Galactus hunger drove him to devour and… Read More
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New Writer talks About Dan Slott’s Silk

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains significant spoilers for Marvel’s “Silk” #1, released this past Wednesday. Marvel’s new spider-powered superhero Silk (civilian name, Cindy Moon) has only been active a few months, but she’s kept busy: playing guest star roles in books like “Amazing Spider-Man” (where she was introduced by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos) and “Spider-Woman,” along with a central… Read More