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Marvel’s Cable #1 Review

Cable #1 Publisher: Marvel Writer: James Robinson Art: Carlos Pacheco Colorist: Jesus Aburtov Marvel dropped another Cable reboot on us this week with Cable #1 and while it does little to break the mold of basic comic book storytelling it’s cool too see the mutant lone wolf (as if there’s a shortage of those) back in action. THE PLOT Cable,… Read More
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Samaritan: Veritas #1 Review

Samaritan: Veritas #1 Publisher: Image Writer: Matt Hawkins Art: Atilio Rojo This past week Image dropped Samaritan: Veritas #1, the beginning of a new chapter in scribe Matt Hawkins’ "Edenverse,” and while there are more downs than ups it is certainly an ambitious comic. And while, unfortunately, Samaritan ultimately falters under the weight of its formulaic plot and blasé characters… Read More
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Misfit City #1 Review

Please welcome a new contributor to the articles on Comics Talk News, Tyrel Kessinger. He will be adding his reviews from time to time about independent comic titles and other points of interest in the comic world. Thanks for reading Comics Talk. Walt Boom! Studios Writers: Kirsten Smith & Kurt Lustgarten Art: Naomi Franquiz, Brittany Peer With its very ambitious… Read More