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POP! Goes the ICON “San Hannibal” Comes to a conclusion…

but did you even know it began?  “San Hannibal” by Dan Schkade and Jesse Snavlin is a noir treat in monochromatic colored splendor.  It follows a private detective Avery in his search for missing photojournalist Savannah Loy and all the mayhem lying in the wake of his search.  The story is set in a semi futuristic city called San Hannibal kinda… Read More
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moviemaniacsDE Posts Daredevil Teaser Trailer On YouTube

“Daredevil” is the first of five upcoming Marvel Studios series coming to netflix.com. I have always been a Daredevil comic fan and not so much a fan of the 2003 Daredevil theatrical release.   I never blamed Ben Affleck for ruining Daredevil I have always blamed 20th Century Fox and their need to meddle, which was discussed by Mark Steven Johnson on… Read More
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An Iron Man 3 Review

Falling down  never felt so good by Travis Beware Spoiler Alert. This is a movie about the process of adapting to the changes in life when things happen beyond our understanding.  Two and half hours of character development, but did it have to happen this way?  This wasn’t a bad movie, on many levels it was very enjoyable, but was… Read More

Did Jonathan Hickman “Solve Everything” with Fantastic Four and FF

I have always enjoyed the idea of the Fantastic Four.  Marvel Comics first team.  These unlikely heroes have often captivated and befuddled me.  For me the Fantastic Four were always in the background of the comics I was collecting.  I remember them with H.e.r.b.i.e. the Robot on Saturday morning cartoons.  The first time I purchased a Fantastic Four issue was… Read More