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Mercedes-Benz teams up with DC for six part JUSTICE LEAGUE digital series

Media Release — Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment to publish an action-packed digital comic book series as part of Mercedes-Benz’s global campaign to promote the upcoming Justice League film. Produced exclusively for the Mercedes-Benz Instagram channel, the six standalone stories focus on the private lives and alter egos of Justice League team members, including Bruce... Read More
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Assuming next month’s Justice League movie is a success, more DCEU movies are a given, which will include Justice League sequels. Speaking with Total Film Magazine, J.K. Simmons confirms more Justice League movies are currently in development ahead of the November release of the first film. Total Film questions J.K. Simmons about being seriously pumped up (see the image below)... Read More
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Media Release — Titan Publishing is thrilled to announce Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collector’s Edition – celebrating the making of Marvel Studio’s hotly anticipated new movie, Thor: Ragnarok! From exclusive cast interviews to concept art, this is fans’ all-in- one guide to The God of Thunder’s latest celluloid adventure, which hits cinemas in November 3, 2017! In Marvel Studio’s new... Read More


Media Release — This January, fan-favorite mutant Jean Grey returns to the X-Men and the Marvel Universe…and she’s not alone. Do Jean and Phoenix bring the world life? Or is the destruction of the universe imminent? The mystery unfolds in this five-part epic from blockbuster writer Matthew Rosenberg, featuring five different superstar artists, including startling 3D motion covers with art... Read More
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Len Wein’s Final Story To See Print In ‘Swamp Thing Winter Special’

Legendary comic book writer and editor Len Wein passed away last month, aged 69. This week, DC Comics ran tributes to Len in all their titles. And yesterday at New York Comic Con, DC announced that his final story would see print in the upcoming Swamp Thing Winter Special, starring the character he co-created for DC Comics with Bernie Wrightson,... Read More
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New Justice league Posters and a New Trailer Is Confirmed For This Weekend

Warner Bros. has finally confirmed that the Justice League trailer is on the way and to celebrate, the studio has released an incredible series of character posters for the highly anticipated release… We’ve suspected for a while now that a new Justice League trailer would be with us in time to celebrate Comic-Con and that’s finally been made 100% official.... Read More
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‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Deleted Scene Teases Further ‘The Winter Soldier’ Connection

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a nice surprise. At the time of the film’s release, the last thing we as a filmgoing society needed was yet another Spider-Man reboot. But with Spidey now firmly embedded within the MCU, the character found a new lease on cinematic life, resulting in one of the year’s most entertaining films. As the film approaches its Blu-ray... Read More