Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2 Review

Superior Spider-Man 2
Superior Spider-Man 2


Because you demanded it! Parker versus Parker! The Superior Spider-Man Versus Scarlet Spider! Kaine has come to New York to check on Peter’s ‘superior’ behavior, not realizing Doc Ock has taken over Peter’s life. But Dock Ock sure knows who Kaine is…Kaine, the man who once KILLED Doctor Octopus. And now it’s payback time.


The story which finished in Scarlet Spider 20 and is very fast moving. Kaine seems more powerful that Spider-Man which presents a problem with Doc Ock wanting revenge. Of course the interaction with the Jackal complicates the vendetta of Doctor Octopus when they are captured by the Jackal. The Superior Spider-Man shows dis-stain for Kaine even though they finally start working together against a common enemy because he is a clone. He acted like he would just like to destroy them all along with the creations of the Jackal. It ended in Scarlet Spider with Kaine pointing out to Superior Spider-Man that he does not understand how reckless he is with human life clone or otherwise and says “I’m no hero, I know what I am now…but you…you are a hero. Act like it.” Very confrontational much more than Peter Parker would ever be.

Ever since Doctor Octopus took over Peters body he has become more and more reckless and openly shows Doctor Octopus’ attitudes about life and lack of respect for any ones human rights if he deems them expendable or on his naughty list. Where this will all end is in the hands of the Marvel writers and we will be there for you. Come back often for updates and more Spider-Man faithful. 🙂 Walt