Another Movie Review Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim

Guillermo Toro did such a great job directing you can see the similarities in the special effects and graphics with Hellboy and Pans Labyrinth which are other movies which he has directed. He was also a writer contributor for the Hobbit. As for the movie Pacific Rim this movie (pardon my french) totally kicked ass! The story fascinated me, people have always looked to the stars for an alien race but an unexpected portal from one dimension to earth formed in the middle of the Pacific ocean. After the first attack, the human race came up with a defense mechanism which seemed fool proof. All races decided to stop arguing with each other and build enormous human controlled robots which could defend earth against these colossal aliens.

Eventually more and more aliens started crossing until it was too much for the human guided robots to handle. The international foundation which made all of the robots had run out of funds so they tried to build a monster proof barrier which proved ineffective and the human run robot became more of a resistance than a a way to win this war. In desperation they brought back some of the old models of the robots to help in their main plan to plant a bomb inside of the portal and destroy the alien access to earth once and for all.

As a viewer of this movie I would give it a 9.5 out of 10 and I know that is being generous. The action was outstanding. The story and special effects was very good. The only way for me to watch it is in IMAX 3D. The acting for me was at least mediocre but the graphics were phenomenal. For me the movie was like Power Rangers, Transformers, and Godzilla all in one ginormous plate of awesome action. Thanks for reading. Your Comics Talk contributor Seth.